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We reserve the right to Sell or not Sell
a kitten to any individual.

       Our kittens are cared for with great love and affection. Handled and socialized from birth. They learn to be very affectionate and accustomed to the busy daily life of a family of Seven. Our goal is to find lifetime loving homes for each Maine Coon. Because we have such high goals for you, we make the most of outcrossing our lines, meaning unrelated genetics. It has been proven that too much inbreeding shortens life span as much as 10 years in a cat. We feed only high quality premium food, we test and breed for HCM negative Gene, check hips and give a daily vitamin supplement to help ensure good healthy growth and nutrition in utero as well as once out in the world. All of this takes lots of time and care, and therefore costs quite a bit of money to try to help ensure you get a quality kitten for a nice long life together.

       We have the special polydactyl trait of the Maine Coon as well as the Show standard straight footed Maine Coon. Coonplay is a closed cattery and do not offer in home visits. This is for the health of your kitten, as well as their safety. Coonplay is a safe haven for your little one to grow from birth.
       We do not sell breeding cats, but prefer to place our kittens in a loving forever pet home. Therefore, most of our pet kittens are of show/breeder quality available for spay/neuter pets. Each kitten develops at their own pace, and Maine Coon kittens do take their time to develop as they continue to grow and mature for 3 - 5 years. Our cat/kittens are all guaranteed to be FeLV and FIV negative at the time they leave our home.

Kitten Adoption Process...

Kittens are available for pet adoption on available kittens page. Please email us regarding the color and sex of the kitten you are looking for, send your NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE. Tell us about your home and vet, as well as any animals you have, and why you would like this kitten. You will then be contacted by us, and if given approval, will receive a Contract for adoption to review. The contract must be signed and returned at the arranged pick up meet time along with full payment of the adoption fees to take the kitten home. A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT payment for a kitten will hold that kitten for you until you can meet him or her and pay the adoption fee due.


Pet kittens include...

  • Spay/neuter agreement to be done
    no later than 7 months of age, at your cost.
  • First shot
  • Dewormed
  • Premium starter food
  • Starter Litter
  • A Kitten Care Guide
  • A toy to take home
    (if allowed by airline carrier)

    Extra pre adoption testing, at additional charges based on tests requested.

    Proof of spay/neuter for ALL pet adoptions due no later than 1 year of pets age. This alteration must have been completed by a certified vet prior to 7 months of age. Registration Papers Provided to Breeders/Show adoptions only.


    Occasionally we have older kittens and adult cats needed forever homes. These Cats are available for adoption at a low adoption fee. Please contact us for details.

    Adult adoptions range in price, depending on the cat and it's needs.


    We no longer ship. But will meet you at the DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT for a fee

  • Please bring a Soft sided Kennel for travel home with you
  • Soft Quality Absorbent Bedding
  • We will provide Food for travel
  • You will need to make all Airfare arrangements and dates
  • Pre pay for any Vet Health Certificate, if required for travel. You will need to find this infomation out and make arrangements.
  • Transportation and Delivery to Denver Airport for meet up and flight must be pre approved and payment for travel to deliver and meet kitten prepaid before arrival.


    We offer a $50 discount on a repeat adoptions. Please ask if you are interested in more than one kitten as 2 kittens are always better than one. Discount also applies to returning adoption homes.


    Deposit for first pick Payment can be received via Postal or Bank Money orders by postal mail, or Cash only. Please do NOT send cash through the mail. We will not guarantee it. Kitten needs to be paid for in full as CASH ONLY at the time of Pick up. No kittens will leave with out full payment received. Thank you.


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